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So the other night I got home from work & the first thing that happens is I get bombarded by Desiree trying to tell me something. When I finally get settled & get her a little less excited I say: "Okay Desiree, now, tell me what you were trying to tell me a minute ago." So she launches into this story about how Nick broke her new little lounge around pants & how she got so mad at him that she told him: "You go in your room & you can't come out till I say you can!" As if she's an adult grounding a child!!! My gosh this kid is too smart & sassy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me, & Desiree

Okay so this post is going to consist of a couple of days. I'll start with this past Friday, Feb 12. As you know it was my & Desiree's birthday. Well, there wasn't really a celebration for me (which is totally fine by me since I wanted Desiree's little party to be perfect) but I did get new chairs for my kitchen table; yay, we can finally eat dinner at our table! Thank you so much for those Mom! We've been using them to eat dinner every night now & the girls eat breakfast & lunch in the kitchen. Now I don't have but one picture from Desiree's little birthday party because I put Nick in charge of the camera & so it never got used, Hila did get some good pictures though.

Desiree got a lot of really great presents; she got a racer Barbie from her Aunt Ashlee (Nick's sis), a Tinker Bell story book pillow from her Grandma, a Disney Princess game set from Aunt Hila, & from Nick & me she got Tarzan, Barbie as The Island Princess movie, a Tinkerbell outfit, a cute pair of jeans, Ariel pajamas, a Vanity set with a Barbie, a helmet & knee & elbow pads for riding her bike, & 4 My Little Pony ponies: Scootaloo, Toola Roola, Sweety Bell & Cheerilee (that's so sad that I know their names). Anyway, after Desiree opened all of her presents we had some cake. Now, this I thought was pretty awesome; my friend Nicole baked Desiree a cake (that looked like a giant cupcake) & put pink icing on top because she knows pink is Desiree's favorite color. The cake was really good, super rich & sweet but extremely good. Desiree loved the cake & ate most of it herself. After cake we played a couple of the princess games that Hila got for Desiree. We played Princess Bingo, Princess Dominos & Princess Go Fish. Desiree had a lot of fun & won all of the games (no we didn't let her). Mom had to go after Go Fish then Hila left after Dominos. That was the bulk of Friday (or the best part). On Saturday I don't really remember what we did, I do remember I had to get the maintenance guy out to our apartment that day because only two rooms (the kitchen & the bathroom) had power. So I'm talking to this idiot on the phone & he says to me "Is this something that needs to be done today or can it wait till Monday?" what kind of a moron asks a question like that?!?!? I was so peeved that I kinda got snappy with him & said "There is no power in half of my house. I have no heat in my daughters' room, what do you think?!?!" So he finally shows up at about 2 in the afternoon to fix the problem (which he did fix) & we finally had power again. That's pretty much the only story I have for Saturday. On Sunday Nick & I did some Spring cleaning & just hung out at the house with the girls. Hila came over that evening & stayed the night. Nick & I taught her how to play Dominos (the way we know, & not with Princess Dominos). After our game of Dominos Hila & I watched some Scrubs & ate popcorn (we made it the way Mom used to make it for us). It was a fun night. After that we went to bed.

The next morning we got up early & got ready to head to Forks. This was my little birthday celebration with Hila. While we were driving I discovered a "friend" that Hila had in her car, it gave me the heebee jeebees. It was a gross little bug, looked kinda like a stink bug. I got a picture of it. It was so hilarious, Hila was just laughing at me for the way I reacted to it & when we got it out of the car finally she laughed even harder at me because of how I acted trying to get it out the window & hoping it didn't get on me & such.

We came up with nick names for Emily & Desiree in the car because of the way they were acting & the faces they were making. Emily was the Brain & Desiree was Pinky from the old cartoon Pinky & the Brain. It was so funny, Emily would furrow her little brows & look just like the Brain when he was plotting to take over the world. I wasn't able to get a good picture of Emily's face though :(.

Anyway, once we got to Forks (well, right outside of Forks really) we went to First Beach in La Push to get pictures & to get sand for Hila's friends in Alabama. It was so much fun. After we got the sand we were taking some pictures right in front of a log right on the beach the surf came in & we got our feet totally wet. It was so funny. After we finished with that we went to this little store that had a little restaurant in it & the restaurant had a Twilight menu so we ate there. Right at the store they had a sign that said it was the Treaty Line (if you like & read the Twilight books you'll know what I'm talking about), they also had the Treaty Line sign inside the restaurant. After lunch we went into Forks & went to a store that sells original Twilight stuff & looked around, there Desiree got a little suffed wolf & I got some rock candy there called Jacob's Quileute River Rocks, they were chocolate rocks. Once we finished there we started heading back home. On the way home, when we got into Port Angeles, we stopped at a McDonald's & got some little Sundaes there then continued on our way home. The drive home was a little less enthusiastic because everybody was so tired & the girls both took naps on the way back home. It was such a blast & a pretty awesome little birthday celebration for me, thank you Hila. :) That's really all I have for now, I'll post again soon.


Nilla said...

The pictures are awesome. That was a fun day. I especially like the picture of us getting our feet soaked by the surf! Glad we got to do this. And I think the bug memory is one that will live in infamy. It was most hilarious when he started to move and crawl up the window!

juliebean said...

Those are great pics. Your girls are getting so big!! I am so glad you and Hila got to hang out that day. What a great birthday.

Christina said...

Yeah, it was such a blast!!! I can't wait to do it again (not necessarily go to Forks, but hang out). Thanks Julie

elka said...

ok, so i still check... nothing.